Fresh Mozzarella is a type of Pasta Filata or stretched curd, which is a delicately flavoured fresh cheese that has a texture very similar to al dente pasta. It is used to carry other flavours such as fresh herbs and extra virgin olive oil in salads. Traditionally made in Southern Italy from the milk of water buffaloes (introduced into Italy from India in the 16th century), it is now made with cow’s milk and best kept in it’s own lightly salted water. This large 200g ball of fresh mozzarella comes as a single unit, in its own brine.

"The SA-MADE Bocconcini is my most favourite cheese as it is versatile and simply delicious! Pizza is simply not the same without it. YUM"
Amanda, SA
  • 200g Ball of Fresh Mozzarella
  • 200g Tub
Where To Buy

Available at the following supermarkets and selected gourmet stores in Australia: Nationally available at Coles, Woolworths (SA only), IGA, Foodland, Ritchies and other Independent Grocers.


Made in Australia from at least 99% Australian ingredients

Shelf Life

Maximum 30 days, store between 1-4°C
Best consumed withing 3 days of opening


Pasteurised Cows' Milk, Salt, Non-Animal Rennet, Starter Cultures

No Artificial Preservatives

Nutritional Information

200g Tub
Servings Per Package: 4
Serving Size: 50g

Average Qty Per Serve Per 100g
Energy 555kj 1110kj
Protein 9.0g 197.9g
Fat Total 10.2g 20.3g
Saturated 7.2g 14.3g
Carbohydrate 1.7g 3.4g
Sodium 37mg 74mg

Serving Suggestions


Fresh Mozzarella is perfect for slicing over pizzas and lasagnas for a moist, creamy melt. The Fresh Mozzarella  is also brilliant for slicing and layering with tomato and basil for a Caprese Salad or tearing and mixing into other salads. Flavours that go well with Fresh Mozzarella include eggplant, olives, tomato, basil, parsley, and sun-dried tomatoes.

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