Pasta filata, or stretched curd, is a delicately flavoured fresh cheese that has a texture very similar to al dente pasta.

Traditionally made in southern Italy from the milk of buffaloes (introduced to Italy from India in the 16th century), our family uses cows’ milk to make Bocconcini in Australia. Bocconcini is preserved in brine to help lock in moisture and naturally preserve the product as we do not use artificial preservatives in our products.

Bocconcini is best used to carry flavours such as fresh herbs and extra virgin olive oil in salads, melted over thick crusty bread as a bruschetta or as our customers tell us, it is delicious when eaten straight out of the tub!


Mozzarella, also from the pasta filata family, is lower in moisture than bocconcini.

La Casa Del Formaggio’s Mozzarella follows the same manufacturing process as the bocconcini products, only it is cooked a little longer in its own whey to expel more moisture, making it one of the purest mozzarellas on the market.

Pecorino Style

La Casa Del Formaggio makes a fresh young cheese called “Fresh Pecorino Style” which is modeled after the production methods of Italian sheeps’ milk Pecorino. However our version is not matured and is made from cows milk. It has a nutty taste and a pale yellow colour. This cheese is a favourite with kids as it is mild and milky.

We also grate a traditional matured Pecorino that is bitey and sharp. It is perfect for adding to hot Italian pasta dishes.


La Casa Del Formaggio’s Ricotta is the product that started it all.  Our tub ricotta is a soft, white, preservative-free fresh cheese that is wildly popular in SA where it is exclusively sold due to its short 10-day shelf life. It has a delicious subtle flavour and a creamy texture that allows it to be used as a spread or as an ingredient in pasta dishes, desserts and more.

We also produce a Traditional Ricotta that is sold in a basket, as the cheese expels moisture during the course of its life. The basket is intended to aid with this natural process. As a result, this ricotta is slightly drier. This makes makes it a favourite for cooking as it lacks excess moisture which can interfere with other ingredients.


La Casa Del Formaggio Grated Parmesan is based on ‘Parmigiano-Reggiano’ which is a hard, fat granular cheese. It is cooked but not pressed, and the name comes from the producing areas of Parma, Reggio Emilia, Italy. La Casa Del Formaggio’s Parmesan is pre-grated for your convenience.


Haloumi is also called “Saganaki” cheese, which is a Greek word for “little frying pan” – the method in which it is commonly cooked. It is a soft semi-fresh cheese that has a slight yellow colour. La Casa Del Formaggio’s Haloumi is much lower in salt than the more traditional Haloumi products. It has a high melting temperature, which makes it perfect for grilling on the barbecue or frying in a skillet. Haloumi is best served hot.

Cream Products

La Casa Del Formaggio specialises in deliciously rich and decadent creams and mascarpone made from cows’ milk and cream, that are denatured with citric acid.

They are perfect for desserts and entertaining occasions. Each year we release Limited Edition flavoured creams for Christmas to make Australian Christmas lunches extra special.


Mascarpone is a deliciously rich and creamy, triple-cream spreadable cheese. It is the hero ingredient of Tiramisu but can also be used to thicken and enrich hot dishes.


Burrata is undoubtedly one of the most magnificent cheeses you will ever come across. It is a delicate shell of fresh mozzarella that encases a decadent filling of stracciatella (mozzarella shreds soaked in cream).