follow The La Casa Del Fomaggio Factory Outlet shop at 35 Sunbeam Rd, Glynde, offers a range on locally made and imported cheeses at great prices.

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follow link The shop also offers a number of other fresh cheeses direct from our factory which are not otherwise available in local supermarkets. We also offer a wide range of international and domestic blue cheeses, bries, parmesans, pecorinos, cheddars, fettas and much more.

9946f72bbd1e75740414df4680d50ba8 We welcome visitors to come in and taste our products, and to have a chat to our shop assistants about usage occasions, best care for cheeses, recipes or whatever other questions you may have. Our cheese maker is available should you wish to discuss any technical questions and La Casa Del Formaggio’s Founder, Gerardo Cicchiello is often around to talk cheese.

Factory Outlet Shop

here 35 Sunbeam Road, Glynde,
South Australia 5070

enter +61 8 8336 2020


go to link 8.30am – 5.30pm


8.30am – 1.00pm

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