La Casa Del Formaggio is passionate about sharing our authentic Italian family cheese tradition with Australia

La Casa Del Formaggio opened its doors in 1988 through the efforts of Gerardo and Rosa Cicchiello. Gerardo and Rosa were raised in southern Italian villages near Benevento. In 1964 they separately immigrated to Adelaide and met while Gerardo was riding his bike down Magill Road. Soon after they were married and started a family. Over time, they longed for the food they grew up with in Italy.

With this in mind and without any experience or formal business training, they opened a continental shop in Hectorville in 1984 primarily selling homemade and imported products. Rosa began to make the ricotta she grew up with on her family dairy, a business which still operates today in Paduli, Italy. The Cicchiellos sold her ricotta through the continental store and the customer response was so overwhelming that they decided to focus solely on cheesemaking. La Casa Del Formaggio was founded in 1988.

In the early 90’s, Claude and Marisa, two of Gerardo and Rosa’s children became involved in the business and they still continue to run the business today. Since then, La Casa Del Formaggio has grown significantly as the Cicchiello family brought bocconcini into Australia’s supermarkets.

Currently, La Casa Del Formaggio employs over 120 staff members. La Casa Del Formaggio continues to innovate and develop new products as the business continues to grow. The company is proud of its Italian heritage and still uses traditional Italian cheesemaking techniques in the production of the highest quality Italian cheeses for the Australian market.

Claude Cicchiello

Managing Director

Claude left school at 16 and joined in the family business, working 6-7 days a week and often doing 12-hour days. He soon learned cheese making under the watchful eye of his father Gerardo.

As the business developed in sales and grew in complexity, Claude then took responsibility for administration and sales, and is now the Managing Director.

Claude has been on the board of Flavour SA and was also the winner of the South Australian Premier's Young Leader Award. His knowledge and experience of the food industry, specifically cheese, is extensive.

Gerardo Cicchiello


Gerardo was raised on a dairy farm in southern Italy; It was in a small Italian village called Ponte Casalduni just out of Benevento.

Like most, he came from a large family of 7 brothers & 3 sisters. He learned to make cheese for the family to eat. He married, came to Australia in 1964 and worked in manufacturing. Over time, he longed for the food he grew up with and wanted to pass on this tradition of cheese making.

With this in mind, and without any experience or formal business training, he opened a business in 1984 primarily selling home made continental products. The rest is history!

Marisa Salandra

Retail Manager

Marisa is a trained chef and began her career as an apprentice, working at various hotels and restaurants in Adelaide. Eventually Gerardo persuaded her to come back to work in the family business. Her husband, Vince, also works in the family business as our Operations Co-ordinator and they spent many first dates shredding mozzarella back in the early days!

Marisa now manages our Factory Outlet Shop. She is always bringing in new and exciting Italian imported and local products to keep the shop's offering fresh. Marisa also develops recipes for our website, and shares them with customers in the shop. She finds that customers often will give her recipes back for comparison or to try something new!