Pleasing to the eye and the tastebuds, Trecce is a hand-plaited pasta filata cheese. In Italian, Trecce means ‘braid’. It essentially has the same delicate, milky flavour as bocconcini, with a delightfully stringy texture once cut or torn apart. Trecce is a gorgeous entree or addition to a cheese platter as it has a wonderful presentation. It is best served with tomatoes and basil or roasted vegetables. We also often enjoy this cheese simply: drizzled with the finest extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar of Modena.

This cheese is only made by hand. The cheesemaker puts the cheese into very hot water so that it becomes malleable, and pulls it into a long piece which is then plaited into a neat braid. Our founder Gerardo taught his son Claude to make this cheese as a teenager. Gerry instructed Claude to perfect his method by tying a tea towel to the back of a chair to practice plaiting the towel. Gerry did not allow Claude to stop until he mastered the art of cheese/towel plaiting!

In this video, you can watch our cheesemaker Lucio (Sam) plait the Trecce by hand. Sam has been with us for over 15 years and he has always plaited the Trecce fresh daily to sell in our Factory Outlet Shop.

IMG_7856 (2)

Gerardo’s 70th Birthday!

Gerardo’s 70th Birthday!

On February 10th, 2015 we celebrated the 70th birthday of our founder Gerardo Cicchiello! A fine Italian celebration was held in his honour, with all of his Italian favourites – pizza, eclairs and chinotto!

We also commissioned a special birthday cake made by How Sweet It Is, a cake maker on Pulteney St in Adelaide. The chocolate 4 layer cake features a miniature icing figurine of Gerry, cutting a large wheel of cheese. This is a tribute to Gerry’s tireless commitment to cutting and grating cheese for our Factory Outlet Shop 6 days a week, without a day off.

Cake 3 Cake 1

Gerry Grating 6

The figurine was modeled after this picture of Gerry – pretty good attention to detail, huh?

Gerry commented that this was a grand celebration for him. Growing up on a dairy farm in Provincia di Benevento with 9 brothers and sisters, they never celebrated birthdays – they would be celebrating all the time, he said! His children, our Managing Director Claude and Shop Manager Marisa, were there to help Gerry celebrate, along with a big group of La Casa Del Formaggio staff including factory workers of 10+ years!


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Buon Compleanno Gerardo!

Double Cream Now Available at Foodland and Woolworths!

Double Cream Now Available at Foodland and Woolworths!

Introducing our decadent, thick Double Cream 250g which is now available in dairy aisles at Foodlands in South Australia and Woolworths in South Australia and Western Australia! It is an indulgent double cream used to thicken hot dishes or dollop on your favourite dessert or fresh fruit.

There are many different types of cream such as single cream, pouring cream, whipping cream, clotted cream, creme fraiche, etc. Our Double Cream has a 45-50% percent butterfat content, and is quite rich.

You can heat our cream, and use it to add richness to sauces, soups, risottos and bread & butter puddings. You can also freeze it in frozen desserts such as a semifreddo, as found in our Free Online Cookbook. Our Double Cream can be whipped but with caution as over-whipping can create a butter-like texture.

Try this cream dolloped on high tea scones or on an indulgent chocolate cake or tart.

For more information on the many types of creams, see this helpful link on the Legendairy website.


Double Cream - Cake

New: Vanilla Bean Double Cream 250g

New: Vanilla Bean Double Cream 250g

We are excited to launch our Vanilla Bean Double Cream 250g for Christmas 2014! It is a seasonal exclusive, available at Foodland in our home state of SA and nationally at Woolworths until Christmas. It is a perfect topping for Christmas desserts including panettone, pavlovas, trifles, puddings and much more. Let us know what you think of it, we would love to get your feedback!


UPDATE: Due to the overwhelming popularity of this product and unprecedented demand, we are happy to announce that Vanilla Bean Double Cream will be ranged as a permanent line in Woolworths SA, with hopes to extend into other states if it performs well. We hope you continue to enjoy this silky, sweet cream as a topping on desserts!


Orange Kyton Lamington with Vanilla Bean DC

La Casa Del Formaggio Partners with Six Family Farms for Local Milk Supply

La Casa Del Formaggio Partners with Six Family Farms for Local Milk Supply

La Casa Del Formaggio has formed partnerships with six family farms in the Mt. Compass and Myponga areas to supply of direct-from-farm milk. The agreement is designed to be mutually beneficial for both the farmers and our company, with protections in place against the sometimes harsh fluctuations in the milk market that farmers have historically endured. “The idea was formed to create stability for both our business and the farms,” says La Casa Del Formaggio Managing Director Claude Cicchiello.  “With this security, our farmers can invest in their farms and grow their herds knowing they will always receive a good price for their milk. This in turn helps our company because we know we will have consistent supply of good quality milk at fair prices which helps our business to grow.”



A spokesman for the group of farmers, Gino Pacitti, shares Claude’s sentiment. “As a direct result of our relationship with La Casa Del Formaggio, our family businesses can now make long-term strategic decisions. This will enable us not only to stabilize our current business, but it will give us the capacity to grow and evolve,” says Gino. “This partnership provides lasting stability and security for our next generations.”

Like La Casa Del Formaggio, these farms are multiple-generation family businesses. These farms include AMDENA Farm, McHugh and Sons, Jolley Farm, Misty Brae Holsteins, Misty Downs Farm and Whispering Pines.

We are so happy to work with fellow family businesses to source their premium milk as the main ingredient in our authentic, Italian-style fresh cheeses.



Claude gets the “lick-of-approval”



(L-R) Ty Maidment, La Casa Del Formaggio Farms Service Coordinator, Ash Pacitti and Andrew Pacitti